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Crystal Candelabra Wedding Decoration Ideas

Crystal centerpiece and accents for wedding reception decorations will add glamour to any wedding for a stunning and captivating event. Create a radiant impression to your event with wedding reception ideas using crystal pieces throughout the hall for an unforgettable and lifetime of memories.

When your fairytale wedding idea and dreams are sparked from the concept of an elegant royal style Cinderella wedding, by implementing crystal décor, you’ll turn any ordinary venue into a timeless affair.
Nothing is quite as elegant for a wedding reception table centerpiece as crystal candelabras.

Crystal Table Centerpiece Ideas

Candelabras come in many styles and designs, wrought iron candelabras are one traditional favorite as each of these candle holders can be accented with dangling crystals in choice shapes like teardrops, diamonds, French pendants, cut spears, crystal balls, colonial crystals as a few ideas, then each can be embellished with strands of crystal beads for the finishing touch. The wrought iron style candle holders are ideal to use for a wedding themed for an old time antique style or vintage themed event.

Another popular favorite are the clear crystal candelabras which are just as stunning as they sound. These candle holders will radiate throughout your event creating a dramatic change of breathtaking beauty to any reception hall. Each of them can be decorated in a variety of ways to coordinate with the wedding theme and or colors. The clear crystal candle holders work for all style and color themed weddings blending modern style and elegance.

The clear crystal candelabras are accented with draping strands of crystal beads from each of the arms to the center for a striking and classy touch. You can leave them draped or have each one dangle from the candle holder on each arm. Use the crystal candelabras paired with table covering and lighting capturing the brilliance of each crystal sparkling into the eyes of the guests.

Formal black candelabra shimmers brilliant glamour from a crown of glittering crystals dangling from each of the candle holders! With dozens of crystal facets capture dancing shimmers of light make them just as breathtaking with beauty as the clear crystal candle holders! These are ideal for contemporary, modern or traditional wedding. The black crystal candelabra will give your event an elegant and grandeur effect with white table covers accents with black table runners. Add white chair covering with a black sash coordinating to the reception tables and the formal affair of the wedding reception.

Get ready for your Valentine’s or Sweetest Day wedding with red crystal candelabras for a ravishing and alluring impression displayed on your reception tables. The red candle holders are also perfect for weddings decorated in red that will leave guests breathless as they enter onto the red carpet and into your fairytale dream wedding. With the same dangling teardrop crystals and strands of striking crystal beads shimmering with gleams of colored light beaming through each crystal, the bride, groom, wedding party and all guests will be electrified.

  • Vintage – add color coordinated lamp shades to each of the candle holders, then use small battery operated flickering candles for an romantic evening glow.

  • For a modern or traditional style wedding, try adding the same type of florals around the bottom of the candelabra. Create a shape or design for an added enhancement and elegance.

  • Create a floral centerpiece on top to co-ordinate with the wedding theme or season. For winter themed, use blues and silvers, reds and golds are perfect for a Christmas holiday event, tangerine, red, aqua or pink all favorites during the spring and summer, greens, browns, orange colors are ideal for fall weddings. Jazz up the centerpiece florals with ostrich feathers for a vintage appeal.

  • Add a personalized touch with the bride and grooms initials or crystal flower bouquet jewelry on each of the top floral enhancements.

  • Traditionally, use candles in each of the candle holders to given way to an romantic ambiance atmosphere.

  • Color co-ordinate your wedding using colored crystals dandling from candle bobache for a dramatic and striking effect.

  • Use pomps, also called kissing balls to the top of each center of the candelabra.

    Once you add these crystal candelabra centerpieces to your reception table decor, the transformation from ordinary to absolutely stunning creating a wedding reception always to be remembered.
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