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Make your wedding fun for all

People look forward to their wedding for many years. And weddings really are mainly for the bride and groom. But it should also be for the guests, after all they are spending their money and their time to see you getting married. Here are some ways to make your wedding special for you but still enjoyable for your guests as well.

· Keep inside jokes, slide shows, and open mikes to a minimum, especially if you have an open mike. While these are funny for the people telling them, and sometimes funny (but usually embarrassing) for the bride and groom, they often end of being tedious, embarrassing, or offensive to the guests of the wedding.
· If there are a lot of out of town guests, provide entertainment between wedding and the reception while the bride and groom are taking pictures. Many wedding guests enjoy a beautiful wedding and look forward to a delightful reception but have to into your a couple hours of boredom in between if they are in a town they have never been and don't know anybody else the wedding.
· For after the reception, provide coupons for entertainment or ideas. Your out-of-town guests will appreciate it. Once the wedding is over there is little much else for them to do except go back to the hotel and fall asleep. Your special day will be special for them as well when they have a great time bowling or going to the theater. And you can have a fun time putting together a little book of entertainment for them that includes coupons, trivia, and photos of the bride and groom.
· Have a contest. People love the chance to win something and you can have several of those during your wedding. For example, if you do not have assigned seating at the reception, mark the bottom of a chair and give a prize to the person with the mark chair. Or, put everyone's name into a draw and draw a handful of names to win prizes. Be sure to have something for the kids to, like grab bags or surprise box.
· Provide a nanny and children's room. weddings are pretty boring for children since there isn't very much for them to do. Hire a childcare worker to simply keep an eye on the children in another room. Provide a few toys and your guests will thank you for it.

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Weight Watchers Diet

The famous weight watchers diet which has been around for many years and which millions throughout the world have found great success with, features the weight watchers point system. Points are attributed to foods based on the amount of fat, fibre and calories that food has per every gram. On this premise you are able to eat what you want, with nothing being off limits, providing of course that you stay within the daily point limit assigned to you.

The weight watchers plan is one of the most successful the world over and has stuck around where the majority of other diets have long since failed. While the points system is one of the main reasons, the other is the immense support that attending weight watchers meetings give the person. All members of weight watchers are encouraged to take an active part in the meetings and discussions, along with this weight watchers gives advice, you can join in forums online and take advantage of the many tools they have and also follow their diet plans in books and even buy weight watchers brand foods.

The actual amount of points which you are able to have for the day will depend of factors such as your body weight when joining and the amount of weight which you are trying to lose. The amount of weight which is lost is done slowly with the focus being on a long term plan for a healthier lifestyle which leads to gradual weight loss and then sticking with the new regime to hold the weight off.

The weight watchers plan is without a doubt one of the best ways to diet and to follow and stick to a diet, the reason being that the diet not only focuses on the weight that is to be lost right now, but also in keeping that weight off in the future. The diet plan shows you how to alter your lifestyle and way of eating to include nutritious and healthy foods while not making the mistake of totally denying some foods as with the majority of other diets.

The points system effectively teaches good portion control which is usually one of the biggest problems when it comes to dieting as very few people realise how many calories they are eating in the portions on their plate, which leads to overeating.

The weight watchers plan is without a doubt one of the easiest and most flexible of all diets to follow and this is backed up with the excellent support from other like minded people which are the main reasons why weight watchers has been around for so long and will continue to be there in the future.

Extreme diet: pre-wedding brides use feeding tube diet for weight loss

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Extreme diet: pre-wedding brides use feeding tube diet for weight loss

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Eating Bran to Eliminate Constipation

One reason many people are constipated is they don't eat a lot of fiber. Most people only eat about 8 mg of fiber per day. To have good health and have good elimination, you need around 30- 35 mg of fiber.

Eating bran is one of the quickest and best ways to increase your fiber. It will increase the weight and size of your stools more than the fiber contained in fruits or vegetables. Bran is the outer husk of the grain - wheat, corn, rice, and oat - which is indigestible.

It does not irritate the lining of the stomach, small intestine or your colon. It is not a laxative but promotes the movement fecal matter through your colon in a natural way. Unlike drugstore laxatives or other natural strong laxatives, bran does not quickly purge out all the contents in your colon.

Use one or two heaping tablespoon of bran in your morning cereal, in your baking, and in your smoothies.

Health Alert: When using bran, make sure you drink plenty of water during the day to keep your stools soft.

Here are some other ways to use bran. You can add them to,

" baked breads, muffins and other baked goods
" breaded mixes
" hamburger meat
" juices
" pancake or waffle mix
" salads
" scramble eggs
" soups
" soups
" stuffing
" vegetarian burger mix
" yogurt

When you put bran in juices or anything that is all liquid just eat it with a spoon.

How much bran should you take for good bowel regularity? Each person is different. You need to experiment. Start with two teaspoon each day and work towards 10 teaspoons a day or until you have bowel movements without effort or straining.

There are four basic bran products - wheat, corn, oat, and rice. They all provide a solid source of fiber in varying amounts. Make sure the bran you use is 100% unprocessed bran.

Use bran for a few weeks to get your bowel movements back to normal. eating bran should get your bowels moving in a few days or less.

Once your bowels are back to normal, back off from using a lot of bran and depend more on fiber from eating more fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.

There are many new products, which use bran added to other nutrients or powders. Although these can be useful, use them for a limit time.

Tips and tricks to being an accomplished anorexic(part two)

So, as I have said in my first article, being an anorexic is not so easy. There are many thing to be done in order to get there, to the stage where you can actually say you are an anorexic. So let' s go on with the list.

Temptation is very big. So to make yourself stop eating, even thinking of food, make up nasty punishments for yourself. Ran out of ideas, no worries. Here are some. Deprive yourself of things you really need and cannot do without, like being worm, or clean. Pinch yourself, do a lot of difficult exercises, but remember, punish yourself even for thinking of food. One single, little thought about food and you have to punish yourself. Do not be scared or afraid to do anything about this. If you really care about yourself, just do this. The ideas I have said earlier do not work for you, well here are more. wash the dishes with cold water and by hand, clean the toilet, take a rubber band and rub it on your skin every time you think of food. The idea is to do something you really hate so you will, in time, stop to think of food or eat it, because you are afraid. You need the discipline.

Fight with everybody around you, be mean and do bad things. why? That way you will be upset and depressed and you won' t eat much or nothing at all. Make yourself believe that your life is horrible and you are the most unlucky person in the world. Watch drams' s and try to convince yourself that you are even much worst than the characters. Hate your life and this will help you to stop eating. It is also best to find another anorexic friend and share every thing with him. You can tell each other your secrets about how you struggle to be anorexic, share everything.

Another crucial thing to do is visit as many web sites you can about anorexia. Find friends on the net whom you can talk about this and even make your own web site. Read books about anorexia, see movies, documentaries, listen to anorexic music.

But be careful and write everything down in your anorexic book. All you see, all you find out and all your thoughts about yourself and anorexia.

And I have another surprise for you! Don' t miss out on part three of this article. It will be a blast.

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Best Exercise To Lose Weight

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