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Your Guide to Veils: The Long and the Short of Wedding Veils

For many brides the veil is an integral part of their wedding outfit. But knowing whether to pick cathedral over blusher, or fingertip over chapel can seem confusing unless you know exactly what you need. Your wedding will be the only time in your life when you will wear a veil so you should go for it. However, you will need to pick the right veil for your dress style or the entire look won't work. Here is a quick guide to veil lengths and styles to help you with your choice.

Long Veils

A long veil is a dramatic and show stopping statement. These veils will fall below the knee and longer and work best for traditional, formal weddings.

Long veil styles include:

Ballet or waltz: this veil usually falls between the knee and the ankle.

Chapel: a formal veil that extends to the floor, usually worn with a chapel or sweep train. Some chapel veils have multiple layers or a blusher veil.

Cathedral: the cathedral train is the most formal style of veil and is sometimes called a 'royal veil'. It can have multiple layers or a blusher veil and is usually worn with a cathedral train in a very formal setting.

Medium length veils

These veils fall to waist length and will suit most dress styles and most occasions.

Styles of medium-length veils include:

Double tier: a two-layered veil, usually of different lengths, one of which may be the blusher.

Elbow: the elbow length veil is most appropriate in an informal setting. May be used in combination with longer layers to create the blusher or face veil.

Fingertip: a long veil that reaches the fingertips when arms are relaxed.

Mantilla: the traditional mantilla is a circular piece of lace or tulle with lace edges draped over a comb. It's an alternative to more formal veils and may be any length between elbow and ballet.

Triple tier: a veil of three layers, usually of different lengths, one of which can be the blusher.

Short veils

For a more a chic, sophisticated look choose a short veil. These work best with shorter dresses or more contemporary designs.

Styles of short veils include:

Blusher: a short, single layer of veiling worn over the face before the ceremony and then lifted back over the head.

Flyaway: a multi-layered veil that just brushes the shoulders which is less formal than other veil styles. A good choice for brides wishing to emphasize the back of their gown and is best worn with an ankle-length gown.

Fountain: a veil gathered at the crown of the head which cascades over the shoulders to form a fountain shape. Usually shoulder or elbow length.

Pouf: a gathered piece of tulle or netting that fastens to a headband, comb or headpiece to create height for the veil.

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