Sunday, February 3, 2013

Hills Prescription Diet k/d For Kidney Health

Hills Prescription diet dog food has been around for several years. As you might now, many "specialty" dog foods come and go. So why has Hills Prescription diet continued to be popular? Simply because it is not a specialty "fad" dog food. Hills Prescription Diet dog food was designed by veterinarians to help dogs with aliments, medical conditions and so forth. The nutritional value and content that goes into each and every can and bag of their dog food is made with a particular aliment in mind as well as the nutritional needs of an ill dog.

For example, Hills Prescription Diet k/d was designed to improve kidney health of a dog. The formula that makes this particular dog food caters specifically to reestablishing kidney health and improving the overall health of a dog. A lot of time and research goes into each formula before it is considered for treating the dog.

It is important, as a dog owner, that you know and understand the importance of healthy kidney function. The kidneys are designed to be filters, if you will. They filter out the waste within the dog's blood. They also help to keep the balance of minerals and fluid where they should be. Unfortunately, if kidney issues go unnoticed and untreated they can cause damage that can not be reversed.

You might be wondering why the food you feed your dog matters. Well, it does, it is very important that your dog is getting the precise nutrition it needs, especially while he/she is having problems with their kidneys. Hills Prescription Diet k/d was designed to help your dog get well balanced meals on a regular basis while fighting off infection in the kidneys.

Here are some of the changes that were made to make Hills Prescription Diet k/d dog food beneficial for kidney health: An increase in Omega 3 fatty acids: which assists in smooth flowing blood to the kidneys, a reduction of phosphorus: which assists in maintaining kidney health, antioxidants were included into the recipe: which gives the immune system a boost to fight off germs etc., protein is reduced: this allows the kidneys to work less, the sodium was also reduced; this keeps the dog's blood pressure at a normal rate, finally, they included a larger amount of B-complex to replenish lost vitamins due to urination.

These modifications were determined to be the best way to treat kidney health. If you are considering going with another brand of food for your dog's kidney health, read the label. Hills Prescription Diet k/d dog food will help your dog become healthy with nutrition as a primary treatment. Discuss the possibilities of changing your dog food to Hills Prescription Diet k/d with your veterinarian.

Follow the feeding instructions that are given to you by your veterinarian, if it is determined that Hills Prescription Diet k/d dog food will be beneficial for your dog. Your veterinarian should continue to monitor your dogs health while feeding Hills prescription diet k/d to keep track of the improvements in his/her health.

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